Films by Stuart Creque

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Memento Mori

When Charon arrives in a limo instead of a ferryboat, McInerney isn’t reluctant to leave behind a wasted life. But when Charon picks up another passenger, McInerney discovers that life can be worth fighting for.

Produced by Creque’s Alley Productions, directed and written by Stuart Creque

He Knows

Mommy and Daddy assure Timmy that Santa Claus knows who’s been bad and good. Timmy resolves to prevent Santa from leaving a lump of coal to ruin his parents’ image of him as their little angel.

Produced by Creque’s Alley Productions, directed by Alisha McCutcheon, written by Stuart Creque,

Written by


Short (11:03)

A couple face a conflict that even their love cannot resolve.

Produced by Silver Penny productions, directed by Biff Yeager, written by Stuart Creque

The Last Earth Girl

Feature (1:37:00)

Who Will You Be When the World Ends? – When it is announced that the world will end in 7 years, a young woman must decide what is truly important to her and what she will sacrifice to reach her goals.

Produced by Cellardoor Cinema, directed by Jim Weter, written by Stuart Creque

Over Coffee

Short (9:00)

Two women drift through intense and poignant conversation, to explore their tangled lives and yearnings. Separated by culture, traditions and community, Shirley and Noreen are forced to come to terms with their divided realities. Is love truly enough?

Produced and directed by Roop Rai, written by Stuart Creque